I walk'd west of the sun for your touch. I walk'd east of the moon for your kiss.
Episode One

The House That Jack Built

When a man's secretive past threatens to consume him, he must choose between deceiving his wife and losing her for all time.

The newlywed couple Jack and Liz move into their new house on an otherwise uninhabited island, and soon a nearly-forgotten arson casts a fiery shadow over their marital bliss, the mysterious forest surrounding their home, and the strange creature living there.

  • Read by William J. Meyer
  • Music by William Seegers
  • Illustration by Caitlin Cadieux
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  • This episode's recommended book: The Sacred Tree in Religion and Myth by Mrs. J.H. Philpot

  • It's not wrong, you know.
    To need somebody.
    Future Episode

    Idylls of Camelot

    Cindy confronts her brother Harry about skipping another family funeral, hoping to learn the darkest secret of his life.

    After the death of their parents, Cindy and Harry uncover the turmoil of their family history and discover that like any addiction, talking to the dead has its price.

  • Kristina Teves as Cindy
  • Christopher Karbo as Harry

  • From the top of my bow is a string, connected to Heaven. From the bottom of my bow is a string, connected to Hell. In the center I stand, caught in between.
    —The Artificial Intelligence
    Future Episode

    The Animatronic Truth

    A pack of human hunters chase an Artificial Intelligence across Antarctica for committing the ultimate crime-- claiming to possess a soul.

    When a fugitive Artificial Intelligence takes to kyudo, the Way of the Bow, to defend himself from humans, he begins to question the nature of his true identity as he struggles to escape-- and keep a rendezvous with God.

    Maybe I'm still dreaming.
    Future Episode

    The Loser

    When young Sara discovers she has a strange, newfound power, she must decide how best to celebrate her birthday-- with a chocolate cupcake-- or with revenge.

    Thinking she has finally been accepted, a poor girl attends a rich girl's birthday party on the same day as her own, soon learning her 'very best friends' invited her for less than gracious reasons.


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